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Sunday, December 17, 2006

I have internet from home. So heres that blogpost that has been sitting on my computer for over a week.
My family arrived last Wednesday (the 6th) , I managed to get off work in time to book it down to the airport in time to meet them fresh off the plane. Which was nice, not to tough of a journey either (about 45 minutes on the bus). Both my mother and sister where pretty disorientated and tired. Kim Campbell very kindly gave them a lift down town to where they where staying, adding to the huge list of things I'm thankfull for her doing. Apparently we're going out to dinner on Sunday with the Campbell collective.

Wednesday became a pretty disjointed mess for me. I had work in the morning, went home to tidy up enough that I wouldn't get sarcastic comments from my family if they decided to drop by. Then went to the airport (Keep in mind I had been up since 5am to work and it was now about 4pm, 5pm when the flight came in). After going through various introductions, getting into the apartment, dealing with semi-awkward exchanges (about the morality of using someone else's net connection, apartment prices, the usual stuff), trying to take in a greater amount of information than you actually have the capacity for and all that jazz... it was about 7.30pm. I threw some food together for them and then made tracks home, as I had to work early on Thursday.

Next day at work was pretty crazy. Not exhausting, thank god, but busy enough to make the time pass fast. Talk of the day was about the audit, which apparent had happened the previous day after I had left. I voice the opinion that there really wasn't point in discussing if we had failed and what on until we had received a report telling if we failed or not and what on. Apparently, I don't have the right attitude. Worrying about things you no longer have control over is the correct way to deal with such issues. Perhaps I'm just bitter because I found another stupid note on the oven this morning.

I called the place where my mum and sister where staying (to be known as "the fam" short for "the family" for simplicity's sake). They where feeling pretty good, and ignored my instructions to take the bus to where I worked and walked. It took them longer than they expected, which as I explained, was why I told them very carefully how to take the bus. I smacked my head against the table in dispair. We made it anyway, I finally cashed in on my free drinks at work, whilst doing the introductory rounds. I also grabbed them half a pound of fresh coffee.

After we hit commercial drive together (via Value Village, I bought a new bag) mostly for looking and seeing, and a quick snack stop at Juicy Lucy's. Never been there before, they had good grub for under $5. We took the Sky Train back, although the view wasn't as good as I had hoped, I did a little explaining of the various sights. Once back we walked back and crashed for a bit and watched a movie (Dodge ball, it kicked ass AND it had a Pirate, booyah!).

Later I hit up the VM lounge as I usually stop by for the video game night. Kinda annoying tonight. Only the XBox to play, no new games, Duran failed to get any nex gen consoles for the night. On the top of that, a man I know only as Hosay (or, that annoying wanker) kept on going on about playing Fifa, which we didn't have. Someone had brought it for the 360 the previous week. How people fail to grasp that XBox and XBox 360 games are two different things is beyond me. In the end I left him flailing around the XBox menu, absolutely CERTAIN that he could get Fifa 2007 working without a disc (or an XBox 360). Hopefully he broke something and Duran yelled at him.

Outside that, I got a couple of games of Donkey Kong and Mario War. Wanted to play Gauntlet and mebbe Golden eye. Although the former was giving me emulator trouble and the latter ended because I gave my controller up to said Hosay, who sucked horrifically and nobody wanted to play him. Next week I'm going to rent some games myself.

Anyway, I gotta run. I'm sitting at home, it's about midnight and I still have tidying to do. I may have to lend my place to someone else overnight and want it to be cleaner.