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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Four days remaining. I got my new MP3 Player last night (20 gigs =D) and started using it today. With the exception of its reliance on software it's been absolutly great. The touchpad is nicely intuitive once you get the hang of it and the sound quality is better than what I hoped for. Combined with the obscene battery life, it'll serve me well for my trip.

I also got my travelers cheques today. I've never used them before so it was all kind of novel, untill I found out I was going to have to sign every single cheque (and there where about 30 of the buggers) to get them. It's definitly going to be worth it for the extra safty and security though. Hopefully once I have an account set up in Canada I'll just cash them back into that and save having to repeatedly get them cashed. They also look kinda cool.

It was my last day at work today (go on, tell me I'm silly for cutting myself this little time to sort my stuff out, I'll be too busy manicly packing to listen...) I failed spectaculerly to pull off any end of work Japes. I was seriously considering putting up a giant comedy CCTV camera made from a carboard box and toilet paper tube. Part of me is telling me that the wrath of the head of security could follow me overseas should she feel the need too. Instead I went through with my plan to make belated Valentines protest chocolate cake, that was enjoyed by everyone.

I'll be honest and say there aren't a huge number of things I'll miss here in england. However my work mates are counted as one of the things I WILL miss, well them, and the sandwhich shop round the corner from work >_>. Anyway, on to telling everyone how great my workmates are, and leaving personal messages...

Mad props to Angela the Uncommon punk, I hope your meeting with your boys mother went well. I doubt I'll ever meet a cuter punk rocker; I'll be back to see your band play some time, don't forget me when you're famous. Same thing goes out to Steve, if you ever get off that chain that keeps you on the till point. Thanks to Jodie (who I totaly don't have crush on), who is threating to print this off and redistribute it to the rest of the staff; I wish you the best when you go off traveling too. Keep saying what your thinking, life is honestly more intresting that way.

A special award for most extream tie/shirt combonation goes to Edwardo, a guy with the some of the strangest (and yet cool) dress sense. I promise not to tell anyone that you got that cute little skull braclet from Claires Accesories. Anna, keep going for that idea of yours, you don't know it yet, but when you muster enough blind determination you can achive pretty much anything you want. Oh, and find yourself a nice boy to snog, some guy out there is missing out because your still single.

Caz, it always impressed me how you managed to take my overall oddness entirely in your own stride. Briony, I'll say one thing "Men, can't live with em, can't kill em." Nat, I promise to not sneak overseas so I can read your copy of heat magazine when you are out of the room. Alyc, I think your going to be a great assitant manager. I hope your still around if I come back to beg another job so I can save up and flit off to some other corner off the world.

Finaly I would like to thank Diane, the nicest manager anyone could hope to have, and the guardian angel of all things floppy eared. Thank you for bearing with the lateness, the occasional swearword and all the barefaced cheek (you'll look back and laugh, honestly) and then writing me a referance for your troubles. I hope things settle soon so you can have some of that time off you work so hard for.


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