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Monday, February 20, 2006

One Day and 12 hours remaining. I've been checking stuff for my flight, because I don't want to be held by customs because I have a disposable razor in my bag. Apparently, disposable razors are A-ok, but Molotov Cocktails and Semtex aren't. Funny thing that. Also, I find it sadly lacking that whilst Catapults are clearly outlawed, theres no rule against Trebuches. I guess they just catch you out on luggage weight limits for other siege weapons...

Mp3 Player is being steadily filled with goodness; Led Zepplin, Jack Johnson, The Stokes, The Pillows (go on, tell me my music collection is eclectic) and The Arctic Monkeys. Hopefully there's enough British goodness to keep me going for a while, 20GB has turned into some kind of challenge.

Speaking of Challenges, I got my bag mostly packed. After an hour or so of kicking, screaming, unpacking and repacking (about four times) I managed to get it closed with nearly everything inside it. I blame my Canadian friends asking for things that take up lots of space. I opted for a backpack rather than suitcase, so I've payed a bit in total space. It is, however, nice and easy to carry around and sits comfortably on my back. I do feel like if someone pushed me on my back I would be like a stranded tortoise though.

The bag was also the biggest bargain of my trip, a 75 liter model that I picked up for £60 in the January sales (instead of £130), I promptly went out and spent the spare money on a new jacket. Which was also awesome, warm, comfy and makes me feel like a total badass when I'm wearing it. It ALSO has 7 pockets and a hood for when I feel like pretending to be aggressive (and by aggressive, I mean making people fall about on the floor laughing as I try to glower from under the hood).

I also picked up some CA$ today. I'm really not sure what to make of them. All the notes are the same size and are colour coded by amounts. They actually look pretty smiler to our notes aside from that. Obviously they have famous Canadian stuff on though. I just have trouble showing faith in a currency that uses the terms “loonie” and “twonie” to describe units.

On a more personal note, my boss (well my ex-boss now) went on to prove what a total brick she was by dictating a reference over the phone because her printer was broken, and then letting me come in and bother her for a signature for it. I never knew someone could find so many nice things to say about me :) .

I also went over to see Louisa, my bestest buddy studying to become an ace photographer, and say goodbye. She insisted on trying to get me totally drunk and only partly succeeded. Very out of character for me, I blame this stupid cold type thing I've had. Luckily I've been fighting it off much better than the rest of my family, they've all had problems with headaches. It at least meant I wouldn't have noticed the hangover on account of already feeling crap.

I'm going to try and get one more post in from British soil before I leave. I have to be up early for my flight on Wednesday, so tomorrow night will be my last post from the UK unless I'm up early and have time to kill.


Anonymous Jack said...

Wow, what an eclectic music collection. I'm so impressed.

3:09 am  

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