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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I need to apologise in advance for my brevity, I'm posting from a hostel computer and it's costing me 2$ for 30 minutes.

My flight went well, apparently FlyZoom DO know what Boeing 767's are. No inflight movies on account of a broken sound system, although quite a bit of the trip was cloudless enough to take in some of the views of pretty snowy wasteland over canada and greenland. The guy sitting next to me was off to snowboard in Wistler for a week.

The flight arrived 10 minutes early, although this was CONCLUSIVELY thwarted by customs who had me chasing bits of paper around for about an hour before I made it through to canada. My friends who would have probably been very bored at this point (luckily for me, they got lost and had only been there for ten minutes, not so lucky for them) took me out, mother of one of afformentioned friends parents then paid for me to have lunch.

Which is why my schedual has been re-arranged... She talked me into going to see them over in Abbortsford at the weekend. So after I leave my orienatation I'm going to get a whole new experiance riding the trains. Wooo.

I'm still finding the sheer scale of Vancouver highly disorientating, apparently arranging things in blocks is sensible, I find it freaking confusing. Perhaps when I have a map of my own it will get clearer. I haven't run into any other BUNAC'ers yet, although I suspect the people who checked in just after me are, I'm going to find somewhere to sit in the (very nice) hostel and play patients with my deck of BUNAC cards and see if I can snare one.

Also, anyone with money on a betting pool over what I was going to loose/leave behind. Wonder no longer! Apparently I've lost my HI Card. Although this hasn't been a problem getting cheap hostel rates yet, I expect it will be in the future...


Anonymous Ollie said...

You're already there?!

Fuck, man, get the hell over your jet lag and visit soon!

9:19 pm  
Anonymous M x x x said...

YHA card. I think you have got it, you just can't find it!!

Guess What - It is snowing here this morning. Have a great weekend in Abbotsford.

2:10 am  

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