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Sunday, November 12, 2006

So last night we went to a party at Monica's place. I say "we" because after some convincing from the combined forces of me and her mother, Shanan was brought around to the idea of hanging out for half an hour with me. She hates parties, mostly because she doesn't know about the cool ones. Luckily I do. We spent about 3 hours there in the end, I managed to drop my contact details with some friends of Mo, one of who teaches poetry at UBC and wants to get to know more about video games so she can understand some of her students better. Which is awesome; I'm intriuged as to the view of an open outsider on games today. The view from the inside of the industry now, it sucks. Every time I walk into a video game store I see something else that disgusts me.

I'm still getting my head around Shana, which is good I guess. Sometimes I feel like her mentor as much as her boyfriend. Often she seems somewhat of a brat, even though she recognises how much growing up she still has to do. I'm very protective of her in the sense that I don't want her to be smashed through random parts of maturity any more. Something thats really come to me whilst I've been out here is that it is ok for growing up to be fun; rather than some crazy search for the bits of social and personal development you need along the way.

Anyway, enough fear and loathing. Lotta cool stuff coming up this month. The 17th is release day for the Wii and PS3 (not that I care much, I don't have one reserved) AND the new james bond "prequal", I'm planing to see "The Grates" play at thier CD release party (Gravity Won't Get you High) at the media club on the 19th, then the next day theres a Poetry Slam at Cafe Duex Soliel that I want to hit up. 21st Jen is playing Limerick Junction, which I wanna check out too. The Video Monster loung is starting to boom too now it's open fixed ours. Thier new Waitress is from Pompy :)

Apparently the old waitress thought I had a crush on her. People who don't get it are funny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Video Monster. Pleased to hear that you are still managing to have a good time, even with black hair. We are also having a good time here. You missed a good 70s evening with P and T, D and L. P, T and I had a happy hour or two searching for cheesecloth shirts and tanks tops in the charity shops of Petersfield.

Guess the menu... That's right, prawn cocktail, fondue bourguignon and black forest gateau, served of course with Blue Nun. A good time was had by all! We borrowed your 70's Rock album to make the evening complete.

You can hardly wait to come back can you!!

Love M x x x

2:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those poets obviously are having and effect - with phrases like "smashed through random parts of maturity " appearing in your blog.

Hear lots of good things about James Bond from someone who saw a preview - let us know what you think of it. Their worst criticism was that it was too long......

I am also intrigued as an outsider about this conversation you and the lecturer will have. Tell us more when you do it so we can hear about both sides.

3:29 am  
Anonymous Hanna said...

Where are the pictures you promised of dyed hair??

Glad Shana had a nice time in the end.

My first wek of new job is going fine, fell down the stairs at Lucy's and sprained my ankle, luckily wasn't too badly hurt! My two charges are lovely, 2nd day yesterday and they ddn't want me to leave!

Take care.


2:01 am  
Anonymous esbee said...

shanan is different then shannon?

10:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I do hope so.

12:16 pm  

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