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Monday, March 13, 2006

Finaly had some good weather on Sunday, it was bright and clear all day. I went down to Stanley park, after a little internal debate at the rental shop, got myself a pair of Rollerblades for the day (10$ for the day, pretty cheap) and bladed around the seawall. I covered all of the seawall I hadn't yet visited, which was about 13 miles, all the way around Stanley park down to the Burrad bridge, grabbed the Ferry to Granville Island and skated back around false creek, past science world and back to Stanley park.

I fell over once, when I cut back down to the hostel to drop my coat and scarf off. I well underestimated how steep the streets where, and couldn't stop my blades fast enough before the next junction so I ended up grabbing a lampost and going flat on my face and scraping my arms. One Band Aid, A pack of brownies and an apple (so I felt less guilty about the brownies) later, I got back up and carried on.

Saw a couple of intresting things whilst I was out. In one of the parking lots near Science world a bunch of people had rigged up a "pack" of four bikes to the front of a car and where trying to pull it using the bikes. Apparently it's something for the saint patricks day parade. Which is going to be NUTS, I'm sure. Apparently it gets bigger every year.

I also saw my first ever real life protest, marching down Granville highstreet yelling some incomprehensible things about getting China out of Tibet. Some people where taking it so seriously every time there was a cry of "What do we want?!" somone on the street would yell back "For you to shut up!"

I met Sioban in the afternoon and went for coffee, I've promised to take her to the Commador for the day after her birthday. I'm waiting till then to check it out. Last night I went to the Buffalo club. Although there where no topless girls as mentioned, there was a bull riding machine. Apparently I did pretty good on my first try (and then got steadily worse). I think I held on for a good 45 seconds. Had a good night out.

The previous night I went out to the Picadilly pub. Kinda annoyed as I paid $18 cover to get in and after the first two bands the music changed from some sweet indy rock to shitty death metal. I want my bloody 18 dollars back. Damn you. The first two bands where awesome though, so it wasn't a total waste of money.


Blogger Lan Whu said...

Yeah Vancouver is a hippie bastion for stupid causes. My apologies, most of us have jobs and are contributing members of society.

11:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am amazed there are still some clubs you haven't managed to visit yet. Glad you have made contact with Siobhan.

M x x x
ps. (hanna here) who forgot Mums b/day??

3:50 pm  
Blogger Titch said...

I'm a big fan of lost causes...

12:24 am  

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