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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Had a good night out last night. Wasn't great, but didn't suck either. SWAP pub night at the Royal, which is a short stumble away from where I'm staying at the SameSun place. Met up with a couple of other swappers. An older lady who had only just got on the program (the upper age limit is 35) and a girl who had a room leased at a hotel for a month. We've all only been around for a couple of weeks.

2$ Hi-Balls (thats mixers like Vodka and Coke, for the unitiated) made for quite a few rounds before I headed off back to the hostel. Outside I met the guy I had seen at the SWAP lunch meet. Apparently he's staying over in chinatown and saw some guy get knifed. Lovely. The police are very heavy down in East Hastings, I've seen flyers calling for "anti police action" in Victoria sqaure soon. It's slighty worrysom.


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