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Monday, February 27, 2006

Stopping by the SWAP centre after 5 hours of solid job hunting. I started at 11am, getting the Bus from the appartment in Kit's. Wandered around doing walk ins for a couple of hours, grabbed a couple of cup's of coffee at Take 5 (10% Discount..weee =D) even though there's a Starbucks on every corner. Two cups of Coffee later I've filled out all the forms I've been handed and retrace my steps to give them all back. I almost lost my favourite store, which made me sad. Luckily I found it on the way back to SWAP to do a net application for the electronics place.

Job hunting is so much nicer here. For a start I got to talk to the manager in most stores, and they acctauly thanked me, le garsp, for coming in. It seems like everywhere is overrun with clothing stores though :(. Not much help for the fasion unconcious. I dropped into a couple of clothes stores on a whim, Roots because somone had told me it was totaly canadian.

My favourite place by far was Obsessions, even though it had a silly application form, the store just really caught my eye as I went past (no, it wasn't because it had risque stuff in the window >_>). They are opening a new store in Gastown next month, which could make a good job op if I can't get another full time job between now and then. The chocolate place, Purdy's, where taking on staff for the Easter season.

Quite a few places offered to put my CV by untill they had a spot. I'm not holding my breath, but leave no stone unturned. I skipped on applying for any of the Starbucks in town, firstly because they have a silly long application form, but mostly because I'm waiting on a phone number of somone who I know is hiring right now.

I also saw a big banner warning me bait cars where everywhere. Which brought fresh amusment, as Mrs.Campbell had told me about them in the morning. Basicaly they are cars rigged to lock in prospective car thieves. Something about the look of horror on a prospective thiefs face when they realise they are totaly screwed amuses me no end. She also told me that Vancouver is supposed to have the worst rate of property crime in North America, which explains why they where warning me to keep my bike locked up if I got one.

I'm thinking about heading out to sample some nightlife tonight. I think it would be nice to take a little break after doing walk in's for half of Downtown. I'm just not sure about burning up my money untill I get some assurance on a job.


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