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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

God I feel rough. I'm not sure how I even managed to drag myself Downtown to get to the SWAP centre. Last night I went the an awesome Jazz joint on Broadway called the Jazz Cellar. The drinks cost a small fortune, but the place had ambiance and live Jazz. I met a bunch of Candians there who asked if I wanted to go with them to Roxy's. Thing's where going pretty well untill Tim decided to thrown down a drinking callenge, buys $150 worth of Vodka and 7-up and we consume. Next thing I know, I picked up the wrong jacket my accident, I'm put in an arm lock, punched twice in the back (maaaan, that smarts...) and thrown out of Roxys.

Not quite sure how I made it back after that, I clearly remember walking back over the Burrad Bridge because I got tired of waiting for the others to come out of Roxys. Amber lived over in Kit's and was gonna give me a lift back. I woke up about 11am, stomache is a leathal cocktail of Taquila, Vodka and 7-up. My back absolutly kills. The lady at SWAP who suggested I went down broadway to find somewhere to drink was impressed I even made it in.

Anyway, changing the subject from my drunken exploits to something less incriminating. The beach on Kitsilano has finaly revealed joggers to not be totaly insane (although power walkers still look like totaly idiots). Since I've arrived I've got into the habit of getting off the bus early and walking to my destination so I get to see a bit more of the city. The beach at Kits was, spectualer views out across the bay to North Vancouver and as the sun went down the night slopes opened and lit up.


Anonymous Ollie said...

Woo. You need to visit Seattle (in a non-SC way) so that I can show you OUR beaches!

Granted, I won't be legally allowed to drive you, so...could be difficult. Hooray for buses?

7:05 pm  

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