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Sunday, March 05, 2006

On a time limit again today, SWAP center is closed so net is costing $1 for 30 mins.

Interview at coffee place went well. Disarmingly casual compared to some of the ones I had in england, I even got a free coffee. I'm meeting the supervisor tommorow, as long as they don't dissaprove of me working there, I'm going to come back to england a coffee expert (that is bouncing off the walls). It seems like a really cool place to work.

My vauge plan to go to Stanley park today was ruined by the rain. I didn't really feel up to it after staying up last night drinking and watching the Hockey game at the bar in the hostel. I've now seen my first full Candian hocky match, it certainly makes for more intresting viewing than football. Might try and grab some tickets to see a game once I've got some kind of income of which to speak.

The hostel is a pretty cool place to hang out. There is a huuuge amount of Aussies here. It's less sterile in SameSun, but not as high quality as HI. I might go invade the royal (the HI bar across the street) for a while tonight on the word of the other brit I met in the bar last night.


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