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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Woooo, I got the job! I'm a working stiff now. God I love working surrounded by the smell of coffee. In addition to my $8 and hour that should pay the rent eventualy. I also get a free 1lb of coffee for every 40 hours AND all coffee free. Fears about me coming back high of caffine seem more than possible.

I've not worked behind the coffee bar yet, but I found out how to work the tills and basic mantaince stuff. Theres pleanty to be done, even during the lulls. The not lulls are just as hectic as I imagened. I love measuring out bags of all the differant coffee, cos I get to smell them all.

Went out Ice skating last night. Managed to stay on my feet all the time despite having a full (discounted) pitcher of beer in me. Planing to go next week so I can get some practice in before the rinks close for the summer. Went out for a meal after, best damn $5 buger ever.

I've booked in to stay at the hostel for the rest of the week. Using the place in Kits was nice, but my indepedant streak needs to be satisfied. This may not have been the best idea considering how early I have to get up, combined with the fact that last night I was worken up by a bunch of drunk people coming back at 2:30AM. It was kind of amusing when the the aussie asked them to quiten down because he had work in 3 hours and was met with loud responses of "Hey! It's the australian dude!"

Going out to celebrate my job tonight, catch ya'll later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really pleased to hear the good news. Go steady on the caffeine though, your hair might get even curlier!

M x x x

11:49 pm  
Blogger Titch said...

Pffft, curly hair is cool out here.

10:22 am  
Anonymous Emmuh said...

Awwww. I'm jealous of your job. I should go get a job at a coffee shop.

1:20 pm  

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