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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Well I'm starting to take to my job a little more now. I've had to learn a hell of a lot of stuff very quickly as the staff at JJBean have more responsibility. One of the hardest things is getting my head around the currency differance. Canada money has 1,5 (Nickles),10(Dimes) and 25. No 50's or 20's, which is a little confusing when somone gets 40 cents change. Also, the dimes look very very similer to a UK 5p piece.

On the bright side, I can do my own voids and drop things from transactions now, which means I don't need the manager every time I screw up. I've also put the letters M and D on the back of my hands to help me when I'm getting drip coffee (Medium or Dark). Asside from my bar training, I've only got to learn how to do closing before I'm all set.

I've also got my written test, initaly it looked like a handfull, but I realised that I was really good on the sections where I had acctauly read the sheets a couple of times (I've been homeworking on a 1 factsheet per day basis). It shouldn't be too much trouble.

I've also met my coffee house nemsis (at least for now) who shall hence forth been known as "the little more coffee guy". Thanks to him asking to have an insanely full cup, I spilt boiling hot coffee on my hands. Curse you little more coffee guy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Medium or Dark!! - don't you serve blondes then?

M x x

2:55 am  

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