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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Aaaand I've fallen behind again. Two days worth of adventures backed up to talk about because I couldn't get the time to write some stuff on Monday. First I'm going to talk about going to see She Wants Revenge on Richards and Richards.

It was a pretty snap decision to go. I read in one of the free newspapers (bless the free press) the same morning that they where playing on Richards on Richards. I had been thinking about going to see Electric Six at the same club on Tuesday, but settled for Revenge as it's much less likely I would get to see them again and I wanted Tuesdays free so I could go bowling or down to the Royal.

They are undoubtably a band that should be heard live. The crowd down front and centre (where I was) went absolutly nuts. I got thrown about a fair bit, which has added to my list of aches and pains from the mechanical bull and skating. It was worth it though, bloody amazing vibe. I almost bought a pair of black "She Wants Revenge" panties for Olivera to get signed by the lead signer; but decided $15 wasn't worth the evil looks I would get for such an innapropriat gift.

I'm glad I put some planing in to it too and had some drinks somewhere cheap before I left for Richards on Richards. It is by the far the MOST expensive place I've been in to. $15 on the door cover, 2$ for the cloakroom and then $6.25 for a bottle of beer. Needless to say I kept it down to one drink that night.

Then last night, whilst I was hanging around the hostel, wondering if I should go bowling with the hostel trip or sneak over the road to the Royal for $2 drinks I ran into Mike and Phil, my two Aussie friends who had spent the day looking for a car. Apparently they had managed to find van pretty much in the first place they went to. I suggested we went down the Royal for the evening for cheap drinks. That was when the fun really started to kick off.

Phil and Mike both got greased by some blond girl called amber for two drinks each. I've never seen a girl so hammered play guys for drinks so well. It made me feel a hell of a lot better that I haven't seen any action yet >_>. After that we headed down to the The Roxy, payed the 5$ cover charge and listened to the band do some really dangerous covers (It should be ILLEGAL to cover Coldplay). It got better fast though. Danced at the Roxy for a while, eventual Phil and Mike decided to head back. I held on to hang around for a bit, for reasons not known even to me. Phil seemed a little reluctant to leave me behind. Dunno why, perhaps he was worried I would get into trouble by myself. :p


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could it be that Phil has got more sense than you?
M x x x

12:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the arithmetically challenged can you remind us what the exchange rate is so we can work out exactly how much these adventures are costing you?

1:20 pm  
Blogger Titch said...

$2 = £1

I try to avoid spending more than £10 a night. I'm looking for another job to help pay for it.

5:17 pm  
Anonymous Ollie said...

You should have gotten the panties. I would have tried them on on the spot!

7:25 pm  

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