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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Say, lets wind time back a bit. To around last Friday, lets say. Weekends are blogging nightmares for me because most of the intresting stuff happens then, when I lack internet accsess to post about them. I got to leave my dishwashing job early (I handed in my notice last week, last shift is on the 27th) because it was so slow. Which meant I got some extra sleep, which in turn meant I could go out on Saturday with the spare cash I had in my account.

I went to an awesome little Bistro/Cafe on Broadway called Seb's. Seb himself was at JJBean about a week ago picking up beans and Shannon (who works in the wholesale section in the back) told me I should go down there. Contrary to what she suggested, which was breakfast incidently, I chose to go down on the Saturday night to catch the live Jazz band that was playing whilst I grabbed myself a bite to eat. I had myself a mighty fine time.

Seb's is a tiny little intimate place with good food, good service and warm, comforting but nicely arty decor. It has less than a dozen indoor tables. The band where playing right near the door, I nearly walked into the bass player when I entered because there's no kind of stage of which to speak. Even the kitchen opens up onto the main dining area. It's an easy, relaxed place. Service isn't super fast, but it doesn't need to be. Going to Seb's and rushing through your meal would defeat the point of going there and soaking up the atmosphere.

The most important thing, the food, was really good. It was tasty and filling, the menu was one that you wanted to try a bit of everything from because all the dishes looked so yummy. The table next to me had the right idea, the five of them ordered five starters and just took a little from each. I just had a starter and a pudding myself, which was filling enough. I also had a coffee and the a baileys later when I started chating with the people on the table next to me.

The whole bill came to just under $20. Way less damage than I was expecting (I acctualy used what was left of the cash to have a far LESS fun trip to the Royal on sunday). All in all, definitly worthy of the traipse across town to get there.

Now, the music. You know I couldn't go to somewhere with live music without commenting on it. I'm getting into the Jazz scene down at Vancouver now, it's my kind of thing. The musicians have to be really into the music itself, because the Jazz "scene" doesn't have the same adrenlanin charged atmosphere as most others. It makes me feel a little more sophisticated too, and I can chat to people without having to YELL OVER THE MUSIC, which I hate. With a passion.

The band playing at Seb's was the Wanda Norwiki group, a trio at the time, but a little earwigging on the singer talking to the table next to me revealed they vary between a duet and quintet, depending on who is avalible. They're one of the best musical acts I've seen in Vancouver since I got here, I snuck away from the conversation I was having with the table next to me to find out where they where playing and grab a copy of thier CD (10$ well spent, IMHO). I'll upload some tracks in the near future.

The very best part was when I got home and threw the CD on whilst I straitend out my appartment and set my alarms for the next day. It shuffled around to a track called "I'm living alone, and I like it" that left me in fits of giggles. Half the trick is in tone in which the whole song is sung; and the rest is in the lyrics. I'll do my best to get it Mp3'd so I can share it with you all next time I post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like my sort of song. I am almost living on my own and I like it too!! I look forward to hearing the whole thing.
I am enjoying the pics and links please send more.

M x x x

4:42 am  

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