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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I went on a little photoshoot over on the east side today.

Monic (Left) and Kim (Right) Two lovely ladies I work with at JJBean. I was going to take a photo of the store too, but you can see pleanty of it in this photo
A coffee roaster I acctualy work at the "Mothership" store for JJ Bean, where they do the coffee roasting. Milan (our head roaster) kindly let me lurk around and snap some shots of it for prosperity
The Dockers Diner The place across from work that answers my cooked breakfast craving for the mear price of $4.95. I always leave a decent tip as the lady who is usual there is really nice.
A park by the waterside "Your taking photos" says Monica "you should go a couple of blocks down on Wall and cross the railway, it's a good spot for taking pictures" Sure enough, it was.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now all you need to do is get one of the lovely ladies to take a pic of you at work and then we might actually believe you are really working there rather than having run off with the proceeds of the bank job you talked about earlier....

2:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How will we know for sure? It could be this evil twin we have been hearing so much about - if cact who is really writing this blog??

5:50 am  
Blogger Titch said...

Perhaps you'll NEVER KNOW

*cackles manicly and runs away*

4:08 pm  
Anonymous Evil Titch said...

Don't listen to that lamer, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

4:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should be easy to distinguish, just check the back of the neck for a bar code!

Here we go...thin black, thin white, thick black, thick white, thin black, thin white, thin black, thick white, thick black...ZOMG! Oven-ready Evil Clone!

7:39 am  

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