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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

God Bless the free press, and I mean 'free' in the most literal sense of the word. Vancouver has two major free newspapers (The Metro and 24 Hours) and a whole bunch of specific intrest ones too. The former is great way of getting the days news without having to wade through a load of bias. There simply isn't enough space to have anything but the basic facts, which suits me just fine. It's also much faster to read so I know pretty much everything that is going on in the time it takes me to get to work.

Better still are the more specific intrest papers, consisting of: The Gorgia Strait (Entertainment), Weekender (Gay and Lesbian), Dose (Technology) and Exclaim (Indy Music). Between the four of them you can pretty much find out about anything going on anywhere in Vancouver, for free. I tend to grab a copy of the Strait every so often for listings of shows amoungst other snippets of info.

They all have great distribution too, generaly I don't have to walk more than a block for the daily free paper, or two blocks for anything more specific. Dead handy. If it hadn't been for the "whats on" column in 24, I would have never found out about the 'She Wants Revenge' at Richards on Richards, which was awesome.

I managed to aquire myself a computer today. Admitedly it has no operating system (I'm downloading KNOPPIX Linux distribution at a net cafe right now so I can boot the danm thing). Hopefully I should be writing again in my spare time (which is also CHEAP) and working on a certain, neglected webcomic.


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