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Monday, May 01, 2006

My recent schedual has been comprised of mostly working, and sleeping in between. I'm very very tired, but I've amassed a decent amount of money. I've decided to cut my shifts at the old spaghetti factory right down, because that amount of work in such a short period was literaly killing me (admitedly, very slowly).

And no Jack, Canada doesn't HAVE any traffic cones.

Oh and a mouse crawled under my desk and died whilst I was at work. Blah.


Anonymous Ollie said...

Canada doesn't have traffic cones?! What heresy is this you speak!? D:

'Cause last time I lived there, it does. <_< Or did.

4:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remembering the state of under your desk at home, I am not surprised the mouse died. Presumably no bio-hazard gear available to mice!

M x x x

3:53 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ollie,

Canada may have had traffic cones, prior to ...

3:55 am  
Blogger Titch said...

Canada has wussy, vauge imitation of Traffic cones. In my oppinion, its not a real traffic cone unless it takes lots of effort to move. The kind that gets a really bit "OMG" response when the student wakes up with one in thier bed. That just doesn't fly with the tiny canada cones I've seen.

I keep my room in Canada really tidy. It's not like I have lots of stuff to make a mess with anyway. The mice just don't seem to give a danm. Which is why I'm going to kill them all. :)

1:28 pm  
Anonymous canada goose said...

Please send me your address so I can send the traffic cone over to you? You could educate those Canadians in the art of making proper traffic cones, (and if they don't listen, you could use it as something hefty to kill the mice with).

9:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about mouse cones to direct them towards the mousetrap, or set up a one way system, or even designate a Mouse Free Zone - Zero Tolerance of course.


11:56 am  

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