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Monday, April 03, 2006

Karma is a funny thing (Ever seen My Name is Earl? I was using this phrase first, but it's a good show.). In repsonse to my childish sniping at Shannon, I had a really terrible day on Sunday. When I got up, there was no breakfast on at the hostel, so I went all day without a decent meal. After work I went down to Lougheed to visit Wal-Mart on a tip off that I could get a bed in a bag for $20. Apparently they had run out. So after shelling out $40 for bed stuff (admitedly, I have pretty colourfull bed stuff now) plus a towl and a fuzzy throw for me to hug. I paid for my second ticket (my first one expired whilst I was wandering around the same 4 rows looking for what I wanted, even after I asked an employee to help.

Got back to the appartment, made my bed, headed out to the hostel to check out. I thought I was paid up untill monday, non-refundable. Apparently not, so I lost another $10 deposit, I was to tired to protest the shitty service I had got that day, the lack of breakfast or rent notice on the door (and that the net machine had eaten a dollar of my money). After screwing around with THAT, yet another transport ticket had expired (thats 3 now, if your counting) so I gave up and just hauled all my stuff along the 35 minute walk back to the appartment. I left work at 4.30pm and got in finaly at around 9pm. Since I had work at 5.30am the next day, I just finished making my bed, put the cold food in the fridge and crashed out.

Alas, if only it was THAT simple. At 11pm I got awoken by a call from Shannon, who was concerned about what I had said about her on this blog. I have like $1 of credit on my phone, and didn't have time during the day to buy more, so it runs out practicaly instantly. So it's 11pm, and I have to go out and get change to use a payphone, or find a shop to sell me some mobile credit so I can call back and confirm I didn't just hang up. Thanks to somone helpfull from my floor hanging out in the kitchen, who told me where to find a payphone, and some lucky wandering to find an all night convienance store; I managed to stumble out half asleep and find what I needed. It took about $2 to make a 30 second call and give Shannon a number to call me back on. I was still half asleep and probably barely intellegable. So I probably did a terrible job, as per usual. Shannon, if you end up reading this too, don't think I'm annoyed at you for calling me.

Anyway, onward to the real point of this post. A quick rundown on my daily life in Vancouver.

Where I live

I live in a room in an appartment in Gastown on Alexander. It's pretty basic and plain right now, except for afformentioned colourfull quilt on my bed. I'm planing to get some wall scrolls and posters and stuff once I've put away all my junk and get time to go down to Sakura Media in Metrotown. Thats going to be my little treat after I've bought BORING things like pots and pans.

Where I work

JJBean House of Coffee. It's not just a coffee shop too, its a micro roaster. The coffee there is soooo good, it's turning me into such a coffee snob. Plus our muffins are luurvely. I'm getting better at pulling drinks behind the bar now too. I've also started to learn the names of all the regulars and employees who work in the back making coffee. I'm getting to know quite a few brits who visit regularly too. Currently my favourite source of entertainment is asking customers if they would like "a spot of tea" and see how they react. Everyone I work with is cool too. The new girl Alexis is a cutie.

Where I Drink

Soon to change, but my regular watering whole will probably still be the Royal on Tuesdays for 2$ high balls. I used to drink at the Beaver across the road, but I'm probably going to Boycott them because they're the pub in the hostel that has $20 of my deposit cash.

My Favourite Hangouts

Granville Island, although I haven't visited it in a couple of weeks. It's a nice place to just wander around. I also really like the JJBean store on Commercial Drive, I can sit there and drink uber cheap coffee (perks of being an employee) and people watch.

What I eat

Broken Muffins and $1 Pizza Slices. XD. Acctauly, I get two sqaure meals a day, when I have time to cook. Pasta, Rice, Mushrooms, Onion, Garlik and Fresh Air are my staples. :P

Current Passtimes

Uhhh, not many. I spend my spare time updating my blog, doing my research for my test at work. I watch a little TV here now I have a scifi channel to watch, not that much because the ad's piss me off so much. I do a little wandering, less than when I first got here because the novelty has worn off and there are less intresting places to explore. I don't go out drinking as much right now, because it costs too much money considering how unforfilling the last few outings have been, I'm too tired to make new friends. I've been thinking about taking classes in dancing, even with the Barrista work I still feel a bit artisticaly gagged. oooh, how pretentious does THAT sound? I'll have a better idea of how much money I have to waste on that stuff next month.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

War and Peace next!! I await pics of multi coloured bedspread.

People might be able to write letters to you now and send parcels - if only we knew your address!!

I think you should complain to hostel about lack of breakfast.

M x x x

4:58 pm  
Anonymous Kim said...

HI Duncan

We found your blog = and I think Shannon will be fine.

We have supplies for your new home.
Please don't buy anything else! Send me a list of what you are needing = and I will drop them off to you. Also = provide address of aformentioned Vancouver abode in Gastown.

We have towels, bedding, pillows, dishes, glasses, cutlery etc, that I am happy to give to you that you never have to return.

Please send complete wish list to me at

We are happy to help you here. If you need a home cooked meal call and you can come out to Kits or Abbotsford. Our treat.


11:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just curious but what kind of place are you living in if it doesn't have pots and pans?

Is it not a houseshare with other people and stuff in a shared kitchen or is it a bedsit or what?

10:21 am  

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