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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Con report, Part two, in which our hero defeats the evil wizzard and buys a "Buttsex" badge pin. Well, acctauly I bought a set of 4 pins from the Errant Story stall. In addition to Buttsex, there was "Oh, this is bound to work out well" and "Every time you try to drag real physics into a discussion about a fantasy story, god kills a catgirl" and for some reason a pin saying "Ian did it!". If I ever get my own comic back to life badge pins seem like a definite seller..anyway...

Day two at the con, and I give up a pair of socks to Emma so she can mutilate them to finish her costume. I knew I had brought a spare pair of socks for a good reason. I also got to see the stencil I had spent hours on Thursday night cutting out being put into action. It looked pretty danm spiffy IMHO.

I was pretty danm tired by this point, I had stayed out all of friday night. After doing a couple of rounds on the DDR machine, I went to watch a couple of Anime showings; Girls Bravo, Beserk and Elfen Lied. I was on my way to go crash out in my room (it was 3am at this point) and walked past the games room, and spotted Shadow of the Collusses. Was sucked in for about two hours, untill I was so tired I couldn't even play that any more.

Wandered around for a bit longer, grabbed some caffine. Things started to get busy very quickly as Saturday is the "big" day of the con. The next couple of hours where pretty much a big blur. I took a bunch of pictures and thats pretty much all I remember. We went to find Ollie, she was super hyper excited, Complained I was way too calm and didn't smile enough. It probably didn't help that I wasn't making eye contact, but I was too tired to keep reminding myself how to make eye contact with people without creeping them out (Yes, I do acctauly have trouble doing that, I'm probably a closet sociopath or something).

Did some more con wandering with Ollie, who after having seen Poe, calmed down significantly, let me have a look through her sketchbook and drew me a picture of Lockwood and then took us out for Cheesecake at the Cheesecake factory across the road from the con. It was goooood cheesecake. Smalltalk turned to who had bought porn at the convention (as it does) we had a quick show and tell when Nikki handed out the Doujishin (fan Manga, usual porn) she had bought for the "art". This at least was plausibly deniable, unlike Steves $80 boxset of Hentai anime. I bought myself a Doujishin on the Sunday, because I guess it's one of those 'try everything once' things...I think Nikki has more plausible deniability than me...

Took Ollie to the games room at the con so she could play Shadow of the Collusses. She did pretty much as well as me, past the first two collossi. It's a pretty fun game to watch and she built up a small crowd whilst I went off to find the others. Ollie asked me if I liked her shirt, it was only then I noticed it read "Carefull, I had a bowl of bitchy for breakfast" clearly I hadn't been looking at her boobs enough to notice. Go me!

Ollie had to go home at the point. I headed back to the hotel room to get a little sleep which I badly needed. Apparently there was going to be a dance or something later in the evening, which I was up for, but needed to be awake enough to go to without falling asleep on the dancefloor. The others where watching Tusbasa Resevior chronicles in the hotel room, I caugh glimpses of it between napping. Curse my need for sleep.

The dance, as it turned out was mostly techno music with some DDR music and J-Pop thrown in. It was admitedly good techno music, or failing that, at least amusing techno. I do have a saturation for it around 2-3 hours, so about half way through the night I started to lag a lot. It's almost sad to admit that I had a LOT of fun there, even without any alcohol (It's against con rules not to mention I'm underage). There was this really cool moment before midnight where there was an open circle in the dancefloor where people came in an busted out breakdancing (the image of Vivi and his giantic blackmage hat breaking it down on the dancefloor will never leave my mind) amoungst other things. After midnight they kicked all the minors out (big message on the projector screen "Now everyone is legal to hit on").

It was only right at the end of the evening, as per usual with stupid clubs, they started playing the awesome stuff that everyone (or at least all the geeks who where going to the con) knew. It's really strange to be with people who seem to understand that you just have to get out and dance to something by l'arc en ciel.

I'm going to have to break off again, because my train of thought is starting to get really disjointed again. I've still got con stuff to talk about, I'm still appartment hunting too (now really irritated I missed that place on Oxford street, I haven't seen anywhere as good since) and I've got to get back to that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice T-shirt in the picture!

3:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Translation Please!

M x x x

3:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The boy's got photographs working. And hey, Olivera looks hot.

4:47 pm  

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