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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anon person. I've been BUSY. I'm looking for somewhere to live, I haven't had a good nights sleep for a good few days. Hell I was too tired on Tuesday to go out drinking. I did find the time to meet up with another SWAP participant called Sandy, who was bored because she's not met many people on account of staying with her family. I think I've inspired her to start going out and meeting people ad-hoc. Something I don't do enough of any more, mainly because I'm trying to save my money for the first months rent and a damage deposit.

A bike is looking a LOT more appealing now. It would cut my avarage travaling time in half, thus doubling the area I could look for an appartment in. I'm unsure if I should fork out for a bike now and see how it goes, or grab an appartment and then get a bike if I have the cash left.

Speaking of which, I should have just grabbed the first place I looked at. Even though it was slightly over my budget. In the week it took me to look around some other joints, Kay had found somone else to fill the room. I've not found anywhere quite as well placed since. Still, there are a lot of new ads being placed every day, I'm sure I'll find somewhere before the end of next month.

Off to Seattle at the weekend. Once I'm done with this, I'm going out to see if I can get some US currency. Not sure exactly how much I want to get, I've got to cover my share of the hotel room and entrence tickets to the con, and have a little cash left over, just in case. I also need to stop by the appartment in Kits and pick up some of the gifts I left there. The hostel has a long term storage room, so I've got somewhere to stash my big bag whilst I'm away at only $1 a day.

No cosplay getup for the con sadly. As I suspect I didn't have time to put a costume together. I'll stick to shamelessly advertising my comic, even though it's dead. I might do a quick synopsis for this other idea thats been plauging me for the past two weeks, just in case I meet somone at the con who it might be worth handing too. As I commented the other day, I'm a big fan of lost causes :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too was wondering what you were up to. Good luck with flat hunting and have a great time in Seattle.
M x x x

3:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with the flat hunting. You have got to believe that the reason that the first flat didn't work out was because something better is around the corner. Probably better in the long term to get something within your budget - then you may be able to afford things like bikes too.....

Have a great weekend away. Seattle is supposed to be one of America's favourite cities in terms of places to live.

1:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oi. Duncan. Finger. Out. Pull. It's now Monday, and we haven't had a post since Wednesday.

4:49 am  

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