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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Went to the Saint Patricks day parade, in true, all technology hates me fasion, my camera batteries ran out after the first photo. Which was all blurry anyway. Jeeze, these guys take Saint Patty's seriously, they've been celebrating for 5 days now, and the Parade itself went on for over an hour. I've picked up a few bits and pieces (I got free cookies and candy) to put in my journal in the absence of any good pictures.

After I went with a bunch of other hostel people to see the game of Galic football, which is kind of like british football (soccer, to you americans) where you can pick up the ball. The match was Ireland Vs Aussies, the irish won. Looks like an awful lot of fun. Not as good as Rugby though. There was a game of hurling too, which looks absolutly brutal. I've seen one of those hurling sticks up close and they look like weapons.

Can't wait for Seattle next weekend. Gotta get my crazy yanks money...


Anonymous angie said...

hey duncan, hope all is ok, everyone has been askin after u, hoping ur ok and curious to what ur up to, i seem to be the only one who can access this damn thing, the rest cant! anette has left! haraahh! party hats! tills keeo going down, stuck on sunday cudnt serve all day. good work with the new job, hope it goes ok, i'll check back soon. xx

8:03 am  
Anonymous Ollie said...

Hey, Duncan,, it looks like I'll only be at the con on Saturday due to monetary and transportation issues.

3:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oi Duncan, pull your finger out - last post on Sunday and its now Wednesday.

Obviously having to much of a good time to bother telling us about it.

1:09 pm  

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