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Monday, March 27, 2006

Ok, Con report time. I tried to do this last night but there was WAY too much for me to write it all in 30 minutes on top of checking 3 days of backlogged mail and other stuff when I was exceedingly tired after the journy back. I went down to visit Sakuracon in Seattle for a long weekend, it's one of the bigger Japanease comic and animation conventions. In laymens terms it's a good excuse for a bunch of geeks to get together and get crazy, dress up as Anime/Video game characters, buy a load of imported japanease stuff, watch some anime and play new video games.

I left to meet up with the crew going to the con on Thursday, the Vancouver/Abbortsford contingent of the group that shall be known as the "Super Con Friends" from now on. Which was Emily, Steve, Adian, Ruth and Tyler. The latter two where also not cosplaying (going in costume) which made me feel a little better about it. Between them we had 3 of the Homunculus from Full Metal Alchemist; Greed, Envy and Gluttony. Nikki, who we met up with at the con was the fourth Lust. They where better than most of the other cosplayers we saw dressed in the same costumes. Adian made a particulerly good Greed IMHO.

Anyway, we where up half of Thursday night finishing costumes. Then set out at 10am the next morning to drive to Seattle (which is a 3 hour haul). I see my first ever cosplayers on the corner near the hotel we where staying at. Theres something very surreal about seeing Aries from Final Fantasy 7 standing on a street corner. The inside of the hotel is pretty similer. The con...well every 3rd person you pass is dressed up as somone. It would be impossible to list everything I saw, I've taken some photo's but I'm yet to get them on a computer. Amoung the list of characters I clearly remember, A red mage with a D20 dice, Background Character No.5 (no lines of dialouge), Sonic, Vash Stampede (about 10 times), Katamari Damancy, Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist hero), A ton of State Alchemists, Necrid from Soul Calibur, Robo from Chrono Trigger, Practily the entire main cast of FF7 and FF9, Gaurdian Type Sora from KH2 (his keyblade was awesome) and a member of organisation XIII from KH2 with an even MORE awesome keyblade. The list goes on, I'll try and get photo's up soon.In the mean time, I'll borrow some from Olivera, who with Nikki and Rob made the full compliment of Super Con Friends (from left to right, Emily, Aiden, Nikki, Rob, Ollie and Myself; out of costume).

Once the being wowed by cosplayers was done. We hit the dealers hall to spend some money. I was buy far the poorest person there, with only $30 to waste. I didn't spend much money at all on my first day; Except when I ran into a stall being run by Lirel, author of Bad Blood, who sold me 4 origional sketches for $1 and and a shaded drawing for $5. I had a chat with her about web comics (she remebered my pixel art comic). On the subject of web comics, when I did meet with Ollie, she was all "ZOMG Michael Poe!" when she found out that said author of Exploitation Now and Errant Story had a booth in the dealers room. Luckily I didn't acctauly have to sedate her, it was kind of hard to keep up with her super fast talking though.

Well thats me done for now. We'll call this part one. I have to run to the bank and pay my cheque in from work, and then head back to the hostel and try and sort my stuff out. Part two coming tommorow =D


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