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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I forgot to mention in my previous rant about things in Canada how much the banks here bite. They are set up to rob you of as much money as possible I swear. ATM's (even ones for your own bank) cost between $1-2 for each transaction, every debit on your card past the first 15 transactions costs 50c, I had to shell out $25 to order a chequebook. It sucks quite a bit.

Anywho, Kim came buy today and dropped off a whole bunch of stuff for me, a nice pan for cooking, plates, cutlery, glasses, mugs, towles, a dishcloth, some food and a Tim Hortons doughnut (yum!) amoungs other things. So I'm all set to be able to cook myself some sqaure meals. Yay!

I found some pins left over from the last resident and picked up a cheap picture frame from Army and Navy, it's looking a little more homey now I've got some drawings up on the wall and Lirel's (author of badblood) sketch of Jared to keep an eye on the place whilst I'm out. I'm waiting on picking up a few posters to put up. I've spotted a free computer on Craigslist today, so there might be some photos tommorow, all things going well.

I also ran into a lady I met at the SWAP Pub night on the bus. The whole buisness card thing seems to be paying off in a very practical way (I've yet to test it out on the Laydeez yet, tonight perhaps...). Not bad for about $4.25 overall cost.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds as if things are looking up. Thank you Kim.

M x x x

10:38 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks a little more 'homey'. Does that mean that you can invite all your rapper friends round?

12:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and will you be baking some of mum's homemade apple pie?

11:19 am  
Blogger Titch said...

When I start refering to it as my "crib" I might acctauly have rapper friends to invite around.

1:27 pm  

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