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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So, my bike was stolen whilst I was downtown. I called the cops and made a stolen property report. The next day I wandered around Cracksville (main and hastings) untill I ran into it again. Then I called the cops and waited around for 10 minutes for them not to show up whilst the punk cycled off with my bike.

My faith in Canada's police department is very diminshed by this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear this. Life's a bitch. Hope your insurance company pays up promptly.

It is very irritating to have all the hassle of sorting it out and even more irksome to have found it and then not be able to get it back.

You were definitely right not to attempt it yourself although must have been tempting. No bike is worth putting yourself in harm's way with the kind of person who steals them.

Definitely could have done without this - just as you had got used to being able to nip around the place - and not to have to worry about bus times for getting to work.

But I am sure you will be able to cope with the setback.....

1:57 am  
Anonymous esbee said...

shoulda stolen it back.
it is yours in the first place.

1:58 am  
Anonymous Big Willy said...

Hi its lanky will here. Gd 2 hear ur havin fun, bad luck bout th bike, still trust u 2 lose it hehehehehehehe, hav 2 agree with ur mate u should hav nicked th bike bak!! mayb a little of the old insertin fist into some1s face might hav helped??? Lookin on th bright side of thins nxt time ur late 4 somethin u can use th excuse tht th bus/train wos late....

4:54 am  

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