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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Vancouver in the rain can be nice. I went out on my bike on thursday and got to bomb around the seawall without having to compeat with umpty-ump joggers, rollerbladers, cyclists and god knows what else. It was pretty humid out too, the rain cooled me off nicely. I did quite a bit of cycling

The next month looks to be pretty intresting. Duran (the guy I know who runs the video store behind my appartment) is opening his new shop. The new JJBean store in North Van opens soon, I'm going there soemtime next week. Theres a new girl working in the back office at JJ's who seems pretty cool. I might be heading down to Seattle to do the full tourist gig at the end of the month.

PS: All my packages have arrived in the mail now. Yay!


Anonymous Ollie said...

We need to start planning your visit, dearie!

3:22 pm  

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