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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Woo, two posts in one day. Got some of the music I've been hearing to share with you guys. I ripped them using iTunes at a net cafe and won't be held repsonible if they don't work. First, because they where the best live and have cool and funny lyrics. The Wanda Norwiki Group. Saw them at Sebs, they have this nice "late bloomer" feel of people who dance like nobody is watching. Wanda was super enthusiastic when I talked to her and hooked me up with where they where going to be, and somone I should see (who's name I'll remeber, if I see it); and told me about a big Jazz fest. She has a really nice voice too.

Goodnight Hollywood Boulevard
Big grower this one. I didn't notice it the first time I went through the CD, by the third time I stopped to re-run it a couple of times. Nice soulfull number, reminds me of quiet summer evenings.

She's No Lady
I just picked this one at random from what was left on the CD after uploading the other two tracks. It has some decent vocal segments and an overall amusing theme. "That's no lady, that's your wife". Misoganists of the world UNITE =D

I'm living alone, and I like it
Last, my favourite track. If you only download one thing from here. This should be it. I came in from my night out and threw the CD on for the hell of it. When this track came around I giggled throughout. Theres just something about the way it's all packaged...

Camille Miller

Suffers from "singing too close to an unbalanced mic" during live performances. Reminded me of Nelly Furtado somewhat. The girl can sing, too bad a lot of the matirial sounds dangerously similer. I bought both the CD's partly because she offered me a deal to get both, partly because I hoped that there might be some more variance in thier older matirial. I wasn't totaly dissapointed. Unfortuantly I couldn't find her new CD before I left, so heres two track from her old Album "She Knows"

Bird on a Rooftop
The sticky one that stayed in my head. Not the best offering, but I rememebred this one first when I was trying to decide what to rip.

I always will
Track picked at random. I just haven't been through these CD's enough to pick out particuler favourites.


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