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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I can see all you people who keep on visiting but never comment. Speak up, I can't hear you. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry duncan - we keep checking to make sure you are okay - and because I am intrigued by your point of view of a country and city which I know very well.

I am confused why you don't have coffee for your french press when you work at a coffee shop - that has a perc (sorry for the pun) of 'free coffee'.

today I am in Salt Lake City Utah - at a conference - and it is freezing here. I suspect you wouldn't like it much - the town is dry - as in - little to less than that of imbibing public houses - of the alcoholic variety. This is the home of the Mormon faithful.

My mini bar is only stocked with soda and american beer (which is by most standards considered non alcoholic)

Hope you are starting to enjoy Vancouver more. OUr family just got a labrador retriever puppy. He is 8 weeks old - and named Mac. How do I post a picture for you all?


2:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
I was not able to post as I was away in France with my sister for a weeks holiday. Sadly the weather was terrible apart from the last 2 days.
I can't imagine that Salt Lake City is a bundle of laughs. I hope your conference went well. Next week I have a similar experience to come when I travel to Manchester for a week at a hearing.
I hope to be able to set up some arrangements soon to visit Vancouver and hope we can meet then.


5:25 am  

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