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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Today was Monica day at work. I gave her attitude anyway, I would be descriminating against everyone else if I gave one person a day off from my smart alecry. I offered to take her to Sebs as compensation though. Which works for both of us.

I've also managed to lay my hands on a French Press coffee maker. Woo! I just don't have any coffee ground for it yet...

Finaly, a public notice to the entire world. You are all now banned from:-
- Ordering expresso based drinks (especialy four shot drinks) less than five minutes before close. Additionaly, asking to remain in the store whilst we are trying to close or asking what time we close (it's written on the bloody door) is right out.
- Putting anything other than drink overflow in the overflow jar. Please note that Stir sticks, Equal Packets, Napkins, Pygmy aligators and Protazoa do NOT fall under the catagory of overflow and should be put in the bin.
- Complain about the price of anything except the stupid blended drinks, which are overpriced because they are STUPID.
- Ask for expresso run long. If you knew what a shot looked like after being run through a second time YOU wouldn't want to go near a long expresso with a ten foot bargepoll either.
- Queue jump. Seriously, I don't care if you think you can get your order faster than the guy who was in front of you.
- Take other peoples coffee. Especialy when it's very obvious to somone who stops thinking they are the centre of the universe for 5 seconds and listens to the order that is being called, and looks at the drink they pick up. Latte's don't look like Americano's.
- Complain about the music. I don't like it either.


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