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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I refuse to join the ranks of vultures. Technicaly I don't see anything wrong with going around talking to every cute girl until you don't get rejected. With the way the worlds stupid social structure that's the only way your going to meet somone. It's more the sort of mentality it seems to inspire. When you are rating every girl you meet on the basis of how good looking they are and how likely they are to sleep with you, your just a few steps away from the misguided belief that everyone else is thinking the same way.
I went out the the Royal again last night (anyone see a pattern emerging? >_>) and met a guy and couple of girls down there. They where hanging out with a group of afformentioned vultures down there. They where just lurking at the time, scavengers only show themselves around 11:30pm in Vancouver. They where nice guys, but insisted on dragging me out to talk to girls when it came to the time to go and pick the meat off the dancefloor.
Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike them for what they do. I just don't like to be dragged into it. Quit with the social pressure to come and make you feel more justified in what you do. I don't, if I try and force things in my life it never works out. I'll always be the one who ends up talking to the girl who has a big scary boyfriend, or the one who likes to lead guys on, or the one who is just greasing every guy they meet for drinks (I'm pretty good at spotting those though, for the same reason I can spot the vultures). It's a sign to remind me that what I'm doing is wrong for me.
Which is probably why I'm still single and always end up being the guy sat there to watch the girls bags whilst other guys run off and do the whole magic nightclub mating ritual with them on the dancefloor. Whatever, I'll keep with my morals. In my oppinion they would have paid off if I hadn't been dragged off on one of those stupid “let's get duncan laid!” excercises.


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there's an imposter on your screen name!

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