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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Duncan goes to Canada: The Video Game

Save Game Slot B.

Save Location: Gastown Safehouse
Progress: 27%
Level: 19
Job: NIN/BAR (Ninja/Barrista)
Class: Ecentric Brit
Times Deafeted: 4 (3 by hills in North Van :/, once by the Roxy when I arrived, lets not go there.)
Skills: Cycling (Novice), Drinking (Expert), Dancing (Don't go there), Dishwashing
Traits: Diabolicly British Accent, Eccentricity, Smart-assery
Number of Inn Visits: 47
Number of meals eaten: Lots :p
Number of times asked for "spare change": Too many, god danmit. All MY change is allocated.
Equipment: Folding Bicycle, Sketchbook, MP3 Player
Distance Walked: 500 km
Distance Cycled: 250 km (just estimates, probably off by a lot)
Money Spent on Transit: $260


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