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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Animé Evolution: Day 3

Better costume picture

Up early for the beginning of the final day, I had promised Saksuke (aka Derek) a hat not dissimilar to my own because he/she had asked to nicely. I also had decided to mod my own hat, clean up the cat ears somewhat and put a chain to go under my chin and stop it from blowing off. I made it to the Convention just before the "King of the Bishounen" walk off finals; which where awesome. A far cry from the very disgracefully behaviour on Day 1. Highlights included:- First Class Solider Zack limboing under his buster sword, Shaun of the Dead dancing with a Mannequin, Takeishi (the Lonely prince) changing from Schoolboy to Cowboy to Surfurer dude in one round, Awesome fan dancing from Rob, The return of Man Faye, First Class Solider Zack dying on stage and getting the "Continue Yes/No" screen. Then of course the finally, where about 50 people got up on stage grouped around the victor (Zack) as he was crowned King of the Bishounen, AE 06.

I was hugged a few more times and then later decided to give my sign away to someone as a gesture of goodwill. I regretted it a little later when I discovered I could have put it in the charity auction. Somehow I think things where better this way. Eventually, Riku got around to ringing me, whilst I was in the middle of having pictures taken (This is cell phones revenge against me ranting about how much I hate 'mobile' technology). I spent the afternoon hanging out with her, getting repeat demands to say "more stuff" with my British accent from her friends. Riku gave me a CD with the first four episodes Animé episodes of a Manga I had been reading with her the previous night. We shared a farewell in the afternoon, I pretty much told her she was going out on a date with me. I'm so bossy for a cute boy :p.

I still felt pumped after that, even though all the events had finished (It was about 7pm by then, AE supposedly finished at 6.30) and headed up to the Academic Quadrangle, where the last four or five dozen reluctant con-goers where still hanging around chatting. The atmosphere was mellow and relaxed, the Saxophone playing man (now backed by guitar and drums) had returned to serenade the evening with renditions of Animé theme tunes. We traded emails, chatted, had big group hugs and generally enjoyed the last of the feel good atmosphere. I had myself another moment of quiet reflection on the past few days. I certainly felt...differant, but the one thing was still concrete in my mind about animé convention goers.

One day these people will save the world.

You will not find same positive energy, atmosphere and well, love as you do at an Animé Con anywhere else. If the world had more people meeting like this, then it would be a better place. If this world is going to be saved, the teenagers who spent their youth hanging out at Animé Conventions, hugging others, complimenting each other on how awesome their costumes looked and generally being "excellent unto each other" are going to be the ones to do it. I'm proud to be part of that.

Total kittens saved: 263 (Not including the ones credited to Riku) and 2 Dolphins. Next year there will be a new campaign, and I'm determined that Lexly El Torian will be back at Animé Evolution 2007 to tell everyone about it. It will involve more glomping.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

English eglantine calling. A loyal English Flower!

It is not the length of your blogs Duncan, it is the @#?+ &&8%@@ language. Thanks anon for Wikepedia advice.

Not sure why anyone would want to save a kitten, a dolphin may be. Still, whatever works for you.

3:31 pm  

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