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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Well, M, because this is Vancouver, there people who believe that living off the street and stealing to pay for your crack habit is a lifestyle choice. They like to take people to court who say otherwise. I'm sure they would consider the $170 worth of bikes, locks and replacement parts that I've lost to Vancouvers needle culture a fair price to pay for these peoples right to choose to sponge off society.

Anyway. Lets talk about something cooler than the amount of stuff I've had stolen by crackheads. Lets talk about Canadian TV. Seeing as I've not got any money (I've been spending it all on REPLACING MY BIKE...*cough*) I spend to much time at home watching the danm thing. In particuler, Teletoon and Space (Sci-fi) because I never really grew up. :)

One of my favourite shows I've seen over here has to be the Boondocks. It's an animated show based on a comic strip of the same name. The cartoon itself is one of those not retarded, second generation Anime/Western blends that are coming around these days, where the over the top elements of japanease animation are used to enhance the show. It follows the life of Huey and Reily, two black brothers landed up living in the Urb's with thier grandpa. Huey (Who is officialy my hero) is a 10 year old, genius IQ, leftist revolutionary; Riley a wannabe "Gangsta" who hangs out with crinminals. The style is reflected in some of the utterly rediculous sequances (Huey and Riley having a Ninja stlye showdown; Uncle Rukus visiting "White Heaven" with Ronald Reagen) but still drives home important poltical and cultural truths. This is satire for our generation.

I will own the DVD siries sometime. When I'm not spending the $60 replacing my bike n_n.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well you may be bikeless but at least you will get to see your 21st Birthday unlike some of the afore-mentioned crack persons. My experience of crackhead is their life expectancy is not too good.

Good lifestyle choice Duncan.

Perhaps you should stay in Vancouver and open a bike shop or offer an alternative bike recovery service.

M x x x

2:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without wishing to sound like too big a plonker I heard a really interesting radio 4 programme about the Boondocks around Christmas time. It was talking about the cartoon strip and the number of times the strip had been pulled by newspapers and why that was - and what it really had to say about the state of race relations in America.

the strip's creator sounded really interesting - and they were also discussing whether the transition to TV would work - and played some extracts. So interesting to hear how addicted to it you are.

One of my favourite things over the last few months has been House - just because of how completely un-PC he is.

1:49 am  
Anonymous Ollie said...

Snakes on a Plane is a very gross movie. :)

2:09 pm  
Anonymous Harg said...

Just a note, your writing style keeps getting better. Your misadventures are a pleasure to read the way you put them.

Now go get back to that lifestyle, cowboy.

11:58 am  

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