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Monday, July 24, 2006

I've had a frustration ridden 48 hours, from crackheads standing outside my appartment window (which had to be open so I didn't die of heat exaustion during the night) screaming "I fucking hate you" for an hour like a broken record at around 3 in the morning. To having to deal with a half assed open in the morning. Seeing one of my favourite girls relationship going down the pan because she wastes too much energy thinking about it, proof that thinking too much is a BAD thing. To my bank account mysteriously dropping about $500, meaning I have practicaly nothing to survive off of right now...

Despite all that, I made it into Seattle today :). Customs didn't suck as much as last time, although I was still the last one out. Awesome bus driver "Life is like a doughnut, if your not in the dough, your in a hole" who knew a bunch of cool trivia about the landmarks we drove past. Apparently my mobile phone still works out here too. It's almost even hotter here than in Vancouver.

Tommorow Ollie and I are going to hit the town together and show how our crazy partnership of rampantly cheerfull and crazy with understated british cynicism can DESTROY THE UNIVERSE!


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