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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I spent the better part of the day researching for my guide. I covered the rest of downtown on my new bike (wooo!). It doesn't have the same character as my old one, but it does go fast, has shocks and also this funny "frankenbike" look where it's been pieced together from bits of differant bikes. The racing saddle is conflicting with me though, I might have to replace that. It's pretty light too, or I just got tougher over the past few months and didn't notice.

I got put in charge of the SWAP comedy night :). Clearly Julia thinks I'm the dependable, responsible kind of person who is qualified to look after a group of half a dozen of my peers... I think I'll stop now, if anyone is buying THAT after reading the rest of my blog it would be just plain embarressing. The night went well, no big hiccups. The comedy was good, about two of then eight acts crashed out badly. Seeing as it was "Crash and Burn Tuesdays" and I hadn't paid to be there, I think we where beating the odds pretty well. I had seen the headlines before, although she was hosting previously. A funny funny woman. Naturaly since it was a tuesday I convinced them to come to the Royal and get smashed for the afterparty.

Naturaly I pulled a disapearing act around 1am. I was just getting this sinking feeling that the rest of the evening was going to involve watching the guys I had come with do thier best to try and get laid or being ignored by...well by just about everyone. I blame not being a good drunk, my brain is very active even when I'm stumbling around, the alcohol just gives mr.cynicism a more direct line when I'm not in company.

Incidently, the girl drinking her fucking starbucks shit in a cup beverage right next to me and crunching the ice and SLURPING AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE is REALLY pissing me off right now. I think I got up on the wrong side of the floor this morning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you read this stuff before you past it? Some of us speak English not rap!! Translations please!

3:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I mean post it!!

3:24 am  

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