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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I took photos of my "hood" about two weeks ago. Finaly I got around to uploading them online.

Firstly, my "local" the Video Monster lounge. I usualy grab lunch or dinner here when I'm wealthy and it isn't closed. It's a strange, yet awesome hybrid between a resteraunt and a theater. The food is awesome, but affordable and non pretentious. The decor is comftertable and the place has a nice geeky feel with Durans various collected Sci-fi memorabilia and some really cool art. Outside is a funky patio area, which is good for catching the last of the summer sun. Oh and Duran makes the best burger EVAAAR.

Next, theres my coffee shop haunt, Blakes where I can get a healthy dose of caffine (from the coffee), culture (from the Georgia strait) and cynicism (supplied by my good friend Sheena). They have really good Lasange amoung other "real" food for cheap. So it usualy fits the bill when I'm poor and too lazy to cook. Just down the road from blakes is the Irish Heahter, that looks awesome, but I've never been in there. Funny thing really. Just after theres blood alley which was totaly underwelming, lacking in blood and terror and overwelming in hobos. It should be illegal to give an alley that lame such a forboding name.

Oh, and in defferance of the fact it isn't spring, I did some spring cleaning


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see the pix. It is nice to be able to visualise some of the places you are in. I was interested to see how much like the older bits of New York the architecture was. Definitely more American looking than British.

Just one thing though - was the spring cleaning picture before or after?

1:43 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the video monster lounge, a place for local monsters to watch videos?

4:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At last, some info and pictures. Hanna and I look forward to seeing some of these places in the flesh in December.

Also - pleased to note that you have heard of Spring Cleaning!!

Love Mother

10:20 am  

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