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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I took photos of my "hood" about two weeks ago. Finaly I got around to uploading them online.

Firstly, my "local" the Video Monster lounge. I usualy grab lunch or dinner here when I'm wealthy and it isn't closed. It's a strange, yet awesome hybrid between a resteraunt and a theater. The food is awesome, but affordable and non pretentious. The decor is comftertable and the place has a nice geeky feel with Durans various collected Sci-fi memorabilia and some really cool art. Outside is a funky patio area, which is good for catching the last of the summer sun. Oh and Duran makes the best burger EVAAAR.

Next, theres my coffee shop haunt, Blakes where I can get a healthy dose of caffine (from the coffee), culture (from the Georgia strait) and cynicism (supplied by my good friend Sheena). They have really good Lasange amoung other "real" food for cheap. So it usualy fits the bill when I'm poor and too lazy to cook. Just down the road from blakes is the Irish Heahter, that looks awesome, but I've never been in there. Funny thing really. Just after theres blood alley which was totaly underwelming, lacking in blood and terror and overwelming in hobos. It should be illegal to give an alley that lame such a forboding name.

Oh, and in defferance of the fact it isn't spring, I did some spring cleaning

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I had this nice little artical written up about how I had been slacking off and playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) in my spare time. Then I forgot to copy it to a disk when I went out. Oh well.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Contrary to popular oppinion. I'm NOT dead. I do have a girl who won't look confused/hatefull/angry for reffering to her as "my girlfriend" though; although this has less to do with my lack of blog posting than some people seem to think. I've been setting asside more time to make what I might call "lifestyle changes" if I felt that pretentious. To put it simply, getting more exercise, eating more vegetables, spending less time on the net and more out under the daystar (read: sun) talking to real people.

Plus with the onset of autumn my social calender suddenly started filling itself out again. I've had a gig to see on Wednesday (Octoberman at The Media Club, they played an accoustic and a rock set and kicked donkey) A party on Saturday (A dance party, except with poetry students, lesbian radicals and other beatniks) and a movie date on sunday, between working 5 days a week, it's not leaving me with huge amounts of time to write long blog posts.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's been a long fortnight. I worked for 7 days, went to the PNE on my day off (busy, crowds, lots of walking around...) and then worked for another 6 days. I feel pretty dead now. I also missed work one morning because my ex-manager wrote me in to work on a day when I said "maybey" as opposed to "yes, of course...".

So, let me think, I've agreed to take my level 2 test at work. I guess it's a good thing I've been working so much and got some practice in. Right now, we're badly understaffed (two staff members short, another one soon to leave) and it's getting fairly stressfull. I worked four days in a row behind the coffee bar totaly about 24 hours. Making esspresso is tiring, hot, and currently (thanks to a lack of co-worker support) stressful work, so I'm now totaly beat.

The PNE was fun, I met up with Sara (A Yuffie cosplayer I met at Anime Evolution) and hung out with them. Asside from the shows though; there wasn't that much to do. I refused to shell out $30 to go on Playland rides. Thanks to general disorganisation on my partys part, we only made it to about 3 shows. I did get a free Shammy, Tee-shirt and fruit rollup though. The magic show was pretty good, there where some awesome breakdancing routines in the intermission that renewed my intrest in the subject. Too bad I lack the motivation to pay money for lessons.

Went out with Kaila one night for drinks and some food, to hear horrific tales of Vancouvers underground culture. I've added Yaggers to my repitoir for my Vancouver Boozing guide. Kinda liked it, except I had an arguement with the sever about my ID. He seemed to think that I should carry around $100 worth of passport all the time because I looked young for my age. It makes me so angry. I've moved out of home, gone abroad, I'm entirely responsible for my own welfare and yet I can't just stop by somewhere for a beer without carrying around an essential and valuable document arround with me all the time. Stupid laws.