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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Seattle would be more awesome than Vancouver if it wasn't for all the darn americans here.

Incidently, I've just eaten two Mango's (the most fun and posibbly messiest fruit I know), which where probably grown on ground not flat enough for potatos [/lip service]

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Olivera and I met up today. She was crazy. She made fun of my britishness and tried to break my neck. :) Then she bought the the AMAZING "Flight" anthology for my birthday. She's a sweetie.

Monday, July 24, 2006

I've had a frustration ridden 48 hours, from crackheads standing outside my appartment window (which had to be open so I didn't die of heat exaustion during the night) screaming "I fucking hate you" for an hour like a broken record at around 3 in the morning. To having to deal with a half assed open in the morning. Seeing one of my favourite girls relationship going down the pan because she wastes too much energy thinking about it, proof that thinking too much is a BAD thing. To my bank account mysteriously dropping about $500, meaning I have practicaly nothing to survive off of right now...

Despite all that, I made it into Seattle today :). Customs didn't suck as much as last time, although I was still the last one out. Awesome bus driver "Life is like a doughnut, if your not in the dough, your in a hole" who knew a bunch of cool trivia about the landmarks we drove past. Apparently my mobile phone still works out here too. It's almost even hotter here than in Vancouver.

Tommorow Ollie and I are going to hit the town together and show how our crazy partnership of rampantly cheerfull and crazy with understated british cynicism can DESTROY THE UNIVERSE!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Booze Cruise went down well. I didn't get to see anyone fall overboard, but I DID see a titanic re-enactment on the bow of the ship. I got laid three times within the first hour (No, I mean those loops of flowers your dirty minded...) and proceeded to destroy my chances of pulling by wrapping one around each wrist and a third around my head. Somone I met onboard said I should put one in my back pocket to "let the girls know what's hanging". I thought it was fairer advertising that I let the girls know I was a goofball rather than obsessed with using stings of flowers as some kind of phallic symbol.

I ran into quiet a few friends down there. Katherine and Henry, who I met off the swap exchange board, Mel and Amy, the latter of the two spent half the evening because her future husband (who she had seen once before) was dancing with another girl. Stewart and Mikey who I discussed the sad decline of super heroing buisness with. Introductions all around, I feel like the social glue that keeps brining people together. Cute.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wooo, I'm off on a booze cruise tonight. Combining lots of alcohol and a boat has to be the best idea in the history of mankind ever since the invention of slice bread; and as everyone knows, I likes my bread.

A little history for those of you who don't know, but a booze cruise was basicaly invented to avoid public drinking laws by moving far enough out into the ocean that the ship would no longer be under any one contries lisencing laws, permitting them to keep the bar open all night. The one I'm going on is only till 2am; but that doesn't both me, I'm a nocturnal creature, but partying till 5am isn't really my style. Expect a battle report sometime after I get up (say, oh, about 3pm ish >_>) tommorow.

In other news, I passed my Barista test at work today, so I get a whole $1 an hour payrise and I'm also due for two bonus pay cheques, one for our cafe passing our audits (for being clean, friendly and so on) and the other for reaching a sales target. Which means I won't be left destitute after my trip to Seattle and the end of the month.

I've also put time asside to go to Anime Evolution next month, a big convention down at Simon Fraser University. Hopefully I'll be in costume this time. Emily and her friends seem to be thinking about going, which would be nice. Doing stuff alone is badass like a lone wolf, but it's not as much garunteed fun.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Life has been pretty steady recently. Except last night. Last night I went out to check out rumours of girls Jello wrestling. What I got was a leathal cocktail of Jello and Gin shooters and Beer; and some very large scary men who liked my style. Last time I checked, sitting by myself at the bar drinking beer and waiting for Serendipity wasn't really that stylish, but these days, who knows.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Then my new bike got stolen. So I went down to the Downtown Eastside and took it back. I can mess up crazy crackheads when I get that angry. Two bike thefts in as many weeks was enough to bring out super wrathfull Duncan.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I spent the better part of the day researching for my guide. I covered the rest of downtown on my new bike (wooo!). It doesn't have the same character as my old one, but it does go fast, has shocks and also this funny "frankenbike" look where it's been pieced together from bits of differant bikes. The racing saddle is conflicting with me though, I might have to replace that. It's pretty light too, or I just got tougher over the past few months and didn't notice.

I got put in charge of the SWAP comedy night :). Clearly Julia thinks I'm the dependable, responsible kind of person who is qualified to look after a group of half a dozen of my peers... I think I'll stop now, if anyone is buying THAT after reading the rest of my blog it would be just plain embarressing. The night went well, no big hiccups. The comedy was good, about two of then eight acts crashed out badly. Seeing as it was "Crash and Burn Tuesdays" and I hadn't paid to be there, I think we where beating the odds pretty well. I had seen the headlines before, although she was hosting previously. A funny funny woman. Naturaly since it was a tuesday I convinced them to come to the Royal and get smashed for the afterparty.

Naturaly I pulled a disapearing act around 1am. I was just getting this sinking feeling that the rest of the evening was going to involve watching the guys I had come with do thier best to try and get laid or being ignored by...well by just about everyone. I blame not being a good drunk, my brain is very active even when I'm stumbling around, the alcohol just gives mr.cynicism a more direct line when I'm not in company.

Incidently, the girl drinking her fucking starbucks shit in a cup beverage right next to me and crunching the ice and SLURPING AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE is REALLY pissing me off right now. I think I got up on the wrong side of the floor this morning.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I went to see The Grates last night. They where good, very cute. Met Amy and Mel, who I knew from some previous SWAP meets down there. Then we went to Sonar and Shine, which wasn't so good. I paid $9 cover so they could ditch me at a club.

I don't know how to explain this to people, but going to really loud clubs with no quiet area when I'm by myself is no fun. Trying to get to know people in that enviroment never works (which is why it's so easy to pull, HAH!) and unless I just want to dance, which sometimes I do, it's annoying.

At least I now know what Shine is like and I can add it to my guide. Yay!